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She asked to use MY Harley-Davidson for her senior pictures!

…And of course, like any biker would, I said “heck yeah!”
I think she looks pretty B.A.
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Class of 2013 Senior Pictures

It has been a very busy season so far doing senior pictures for the class of 2013. We’ve had an amazing group of seniors come through our studio so far this year.
We’ve done portraits for athletes of all kinds from bowlers, wrestlers, and dancers, to football, basketball, and volleyball players and more! We’ve also done senior pictures for musicians, singers, and car, motorcycle, quad, and gun enthusiasts! We even did pictures for a Harry Potter fanatic and a girl who wants to be a newscaster after graduation. WTHR Channel 13 was kind enough to let us do some of her senior pictures in their newsroom! (Check out the image below).
We do senior pictures not only in our studio, but also at the beach, the waterfall, the State Fair, downtown Indianapolis, and in rural Indiana! No other portrait studio in Indiana gives you so so much variety when it comes to your senior portraits!
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Voted Best Senior Pictures… Again!

This is a very busy time of year for senior pictures, with the combination of last minute spring shoots, plus designing graduation and open house invitations for clients who came in last summer and fall. I always like to remind clients if they ordered grad cards last summer, and I got an unexpected surprise from 2012 Shelbyville High School graduate, Paige Carter. Another student had her photos voted best senior pictures.
“…I won best senior pictures for the yearbook!”
What’s especially cool about this is that I got a similar message  from 2011 graduate Courtney Paul when her pictures were voted best senior pictures as well.
It seems that if you want the best senior pictures, you come to Mike Turner Photography!
Here are a few of this years winning senior pictures…
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Converse Indiana Senior Pictures

When Oak Hill High School senior, Baili Beck, told me she wanted to do part of her senior picture session in the river in late October, I thought she was crazy! I mean, the water is cold this time of year! She did fantastic dealing with the cold temperature though & the results were amazing. I love the fall colors in these shots, but my favorite is this first image, where we put a mirror in the water for her to lay on… it’s just gorgeous!
Kokomo Indiana Senior Pictures Oak Hill High School
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Best Sports Senior Pictures in Indiana

I have this football image hanging in my office here at Mike Turner Photography. Yesterday, my 8 year old daughter said to me out of nowhere, “Dad, I know what that means on that football picture…” And she was right too! It cracked me up. She’s so smart. 🙂
Best Sports Senior Pictures in Indiana
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Best Senior Pictures in your Class?

I didn’t even know schools had votes on that… until I got this Facebook message
from Shelbyville High School 2011 graduate Courtney Paul…

Best Senior Pics in her class

Here is a little of what we’ve been up to lately…
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New… Graduation and Open House Banners!

One of the new products we are rolling out this spring is Graduation and Open House Banners! What better way for your guests to know they are at the right place! They come in several sizes and are printed on high quality, durable, weather resistant, vinyl material. They are delivered with all four edges seal overlapped and with metal grommets on all four corners, and sides when size appropriate. They are custom designed with your senior pictures on them & you can even add a couple baby pictures as long as they are not copyrighted images. Here is the first one that I did this year. It is for Plainfield High School graduate, Brandon. Order yours now from Mike Turner Photography!

New Graduation and Open House Banners

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Senior Pictures Idea… Let’s go somewhere!!!

I have always tried to be innovative in my photography. I was the first in central Indiana to offer sessions at the beach on Lake Michigan, and the first to offer professional senior portraits at “The Falls”. Now, I am taking seniors to Las Vegas!!!
This two day session includes photo shoots at many locations in and around Las Vegas. Some options include an old 1800’s era mining town, the desert, mountains, the Strip at night, and more! Last time, we even shot in the pool at Caesar’s Palace!
Photos after the jump…
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1st ever Senior Model Black/Rain photo shoot!

What started out as just a crazy idea, turned out to be some of the most unique, coolest senior pictures I have ever done! 

I wanted to find a way to reward my senior models who did a good job promoting my studio. I wanted to give them something that they have never seen done before… something no other photographer could pull off! Heck, at the time, I didn’t even know if I could pull it off lol. 

Now, I think this is going to be an annual event, reserved for my best models! Annual, that is… until I think of something even better! 🙂

Black/Rain senior pictures 1

Black/Rain senior pictures 2

Black/Rain senior pictures 3

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FREE haunted house tickets!

Indy's premier haunted house, Southside Massacre

Get your senior pictures done this October at Mike Turner Photography and receive 2 free tickets to Southside Massacre!! (a $30 value). Southside Massacre is an innovative haunted house in its second year, brought to you by the designers of Nightmare on Edgewood. This year, they’ve expanded to 4 haunts and they’ll be returning Edgewood, but they’ll be a completely different animal. Southside Massacre  is located at 6004 Camden in Indianapolis. This offer expires 10-31-2010.

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