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Where’s Mike?

I have been very busy with senior pics lately. Makes it very hard to keep up with everything else. Here are just a few quick favorites. For more, check the regular website at https://www.miketurnerphotography.com/index2.php or check my kiosk at Greenwood Park Mall near Charlotte Russe.
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It’s all about VALUE

Did you know the economy is bad? I have been reading a lot lately about how awful the economy still is, and how businesses are badly hurting.  The news highlights these things every night. You can’t hardly avoid it. One area that has gotten a lot of attention lately is restaurants.  

Certain restaurants are thriving, however. Why? 

Well, McDonald’s is recording record profits. On the surface, that seems like an easy one… they are cheap. 

But what about restaurants like Carrabba’s? They are doing amazing business in this economy, in spite of cheaper alternatives like Fazoli’s and even Olive Garden. Why do you think that is? 

I think it is VALUE!  

Carrabba’s restaurants consistantly go out of their way to provide a great meal, great service, and a great environment. I have never left there feeling like I had waisted my money. Ever. I can’t say that for McDonald’s.  

And THAT is my commitment to you… value! 

I eat at McDonald’s all of the time, but I go to Carrabba’s when I want something yummy! You will only do senior pictures once. Choose Mike Turner Photography for this special milestone in your life… I am personally committed to giving you not only great pictures, but a great experience, and great VALUE for your money.

Awesome Senior Pictures

Awesome Senior Pictures

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Senior Pictures Sale!

Last chance of the season to save on Indiana’s best senior pictures!
If you are photographed in July, you save 20% off your session… any session!
Plus… you will have some of the coolest senior pictures in school. How sweet is that?!?!?!
ONLY at Mike Turner Photography
senior pictures sale

senior pictures sale

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Class of 2010 Senior Pictures June sale!

Class of 2010 fans of my Facebook Page  and Myspace friends receive 40% off of your session if you are photographed in June. Plus you can still get 16 free wallets if you have a card from one of my 2010 senior models.

Total savings of up to $350.00!

For June ONLY… 2 hour session indoor and outdoor is only $51.00.
3 hour session is ONLY $75.00
Add a “Trash The Dress” session for just $30!
And yes… This is for ALL session types at Mike Turner Photography! That means you can add on a Lake Michigan Beach session for only $180.00! …AND you can still split that with a friend and I’ll take you both (plus a parent).

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