Mike Turner Photography Makeup TipsGirl’s Tips

  • I want to show YOUR personality. So bring stuff that shows who you are. Bring a variety of “looks” if possible. Wearing many outfits that all look alike, will make your photos all alike… Boring!
  • In general, dark colors are more thinning, but I love bright, fun stuff too. Busy patterns like stripes & plaids are usually too distracting.
  • Avoid sleeveless styles or just do one sleeveless outfit in your session. Bra straps are not flattering in your portraits. If you plan on wearing a sleeveless outfit, make sure you have a strapless bra for that outfit.
  • Don’t forget accessories! Sunglasses, jewelry, hats, shoes… these things make your photos have “personality”!

Guy’s Tips

  • Bring a Dress Shirt or Dark Sweater, something grandma will like.
  • Then after that exciting image, wear fun and cool stuff, like t-shirts, distressed jeans, sweatshirts and jackets.
  • Bring your car, guitar, instrument, sports stuff whatever you want to.
  • Don’t cut your hair the day before, cut it a couple weeks before the shoot
  • Then bring any ideas you have.  …and if you have none, Mike has a ton! No worries.


  • Ordering is done immediately following the session & turn around time is 2 to 3 weeks (usually 2), which is among the best in the industry.
  • You & your family will first view a slideshow of your images on a giant 106 inch screen, set to music. After your initial screening, you will go back and start narrowing down your selections. When you get your favorites narrowed down, you will place your order. You will not be taking physical proofs home, so make sure you bring anyone who will be making decisions.
  • Your order must be paid in full at that time. After you choose what you want, Mike will go back and retouch every image you order from. Your eyes will sparkle, without looking “fake” and your skin will be beautiful while still having the important details that keep you from looking like a mannequin. You will LOVE your images!
  • Many times, you will get your pictures in less than two weeks!  Some products, like the Crystal Art pieces, may take longer.


  • Ahhh the elephant in the room. Everyone wants a great value! We have packages for every budget.
  • With our budget line of collections, you fill find pricing very similar to most of the contract studios ( ie: the “yearbook” studios), but with MUCH higher quality.
  • With our premium collections, to add to your great gift images you will find the highest quality custom designed albums in the business, along with framed wall portraits, and stylized graduation and open house announcements that not only have your senior pictures on them, but also can have an optional baby picture at no extra cost. Copyright laws will be respected of course, so just bring a snapshot of your senior as a baby or any baby picture that does not have a studio name on it.
  • If you would like more detailed info on pricing or anything else, please use the contact for here.



It came as a surprise to me, but many central Indiana senior photographers use paid, professional models on their websites, and locations that are not available to you. These are not actual senior pictures, but pictures that they created while at training events around the country.

That is not the case with Mike Turner Photography. Everyone you see on my website, blog, and facebook are actual high school seniors from central Indiana. They are all real clients and every location that you see here is a location available to you… Even the big waterfall and beautiful beach are available at very reasonable rates!